Top Ping Sites Best Results for 2017





Top Ping Sites – Best Pinging Results for 2013

How To Ping A Website:

1. Google Ping – This is one of the highest ranking and easy to use ping websites out there for your site.

2. Pingler – One of the most popular pinging sites, Pingler is an old favorite.

3. Ping-O-Matic – Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your website has been updated.

4. Backlink Supercharger – is an indexer which notifies your domain name to web analytic websites like Alexa, Woorank, Quarkbase, and many more including most search engines.

5. Bulk Ping – Bulk Ping is Unique Auto Mass Ping Service to promote your Websites and Blogs. A great website and blog ping tool.

6. Ping Farm – PingFarm is a service which notifies Search Engines that yourblog or website has been updated.


7. Feed Shark – Feed Shark is a free online tool that easily promotes yourblog or website by sending a ping to its partner sites.

8. Ping My Blog – They notify all the major blog directories in one go so that everyone knows about your latest blog post and website update.

9. Pingates – Ping your blog or website to 40+ search engines and services that keep track of blogs/sites and publish them.

10. Ping That Blog – This site has been created to perform a qualitative pinging on every new page or post created on your blog or site and not to generate unnecessary traffic toward to not working hosts.

Use the sites to ping your blog but only use one service and only send the ping when you have updated a page on your site. Too many pings are penalized by Google and it will have the opposite affect on your site. Good luck and happy Pinging.